Welcome To SawStreet®

SawStreet® is a privately owned quick turn semiconductor backend service provider. SawStreet's services include grinding, dicing, pick & place, and inspection. SawStreet is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and finding unique solutions to customer's more demanding requirements.

SawStreet Inspection

Contact Info

SawStreet LLC
6450 Kingspointe Parkway, #6
Orlando, Florida 32819
Phone: 407-601-4907
Email: Sales@sawstreet.com


Grinding - SawStreet manages grinding (thinning) services both internally and through service partners. SawStreet has the ability to provide quick turn services on thinning wafers or individual die.


Dicing - SawStreet uses both ADT and Disco dicers in our cleanroom. SawStreet has extensive experience dicing wafers as thin as 50um. SawStreet also does extensive Pizza Mask dicing and subcutting.

Die Sort

Die Sorting - SawStreet's uses both Royce and ASM semi-automated and automated pick and place equipment which ensures the highest quality pick.


Inspection - SawStreet performs commericial inspection for a wide variety of customers. The ability to visually inspect a circuit requires a lot of skill and training which increases through experience and a continuous training program.