2 Mil (50um) Capability

SawStreet has the capability to dice wafers that are as thin as 2 mils (50um).  After dicing, SawStreet can then pick these very thin singulated die to waffle packs, gelpaks or to tape.

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Multi-Project Wafers (Pizza Masks)

Multi-Project Wafers (Pizza Masks) are no problems at SawStreet.  We will work closely to understand and help define your requirements.

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Pick & Place

SawStreet's automated pick and place equipment ensures the highest quality pick at competitive prices.  We have the experience and to not only handle your most delicate requirements, but also the flexibility to manage and special packaging requests you have.

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Picking From Wafer Maps

SawStreet's pick and place equipment has the ability to read wafer maps and allows up to sixteen (16) different binning options.

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Picking to Waffle or Gel-paks

SawStreet can pick to either waffle packs or gel-paks and on our automatic equipment we can handle up to sixteen bins.

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No matter how unique your dicing requirements may be, SawStreet can create a custom wafer, substrate or reticle dicing solution to fit your needs. SawStreet DicingADTcan handle wafers up to 200 mm in its class 100 clean room. If you don't have a complete wafer, no problem. Sawstreet receives substrates or wafers in many forms including complete wafers, broken or cracked wafers, or reticles.

We have a broad range of experience with Silicon, GaAs, GaN, SiGe, InP, ceramic, and glass just to name a few and we handle thicknesses as low as .002" or 50 microns.

Knowing that the dicing process sets the stage for all subsequent operations, we will work closely with your engineers to fully understand what you see as the critical issues and match them with our experience and precision dicing capability. Whether you have partial wafers, broken wafers, "pizza mask" wafers, reticles or complete wafers, no job is too small. Let SawStreet manage your dicing needs and see why leading defense, medical, and commercial manufacturers trust their wafers to SawStreet.  button tech snapshot white.gif

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PickAndPlace 1SawStreet's automated pick and place equipment ensures the highest quality pick at competitive prices. SawStreet takes great care not to damage the topside of your die, by utilizing the most precise setup and sensitive tools. We will ensure your yield is maximized.

SawStreet can pick virtually any substrate material and has picked die as thin as 50 micron (0.002"). We can pick from either UV or Non-UV tape. Though we have standardized on certain UV and Non-UV tape we will use any tape manufacture you might specify. can work with ink dots for electronic maps and offers up to 16 different binning options.  While many of our customers prefer us to pick to waffle or gel packs, we also pick to grip rings or frames for shipment to customers.

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By their very nature, seminconductor chips (integrated circuits) are fragile and delicate. Integrated circuits endure a variety of stresses during fabrication, dicing, and pick and place which can result in chips that will not perform as designed.


SawStreet provides visual inspection services once the die has been diced and placed in waffle or gel packs. This is the last step before shipment to customers.

The ability to visually inspect a circuit requires a lot of skill and training which increases through experience and a continuous training program.

Each product is different and for this reason it is important that our customers have total confidence in our inspection capability and that we understand their inspection criteria whether it be MIL STD 883 Condition A, Condition B, or their own internal inspection specification.

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