Die Sort

Dime ComparisonSawStreet's automated pick and place equipment ensures the highest quality pick at competitive prices. SawStreet takes great care not to damage the topside of your die, by utilizing the most precise setup and sensitive tools. We will ensure your yield is maximized.

SawStreet can pick virtually any substrate material and has picked die as thin as 50 micron (0.002"). We can pick from either UV or Non-UV tape. Though we have standardized on certain UV and Non-UV tape we will use any tape manufacture you might specify. can work with ink dots for electronic maps and offers up to 16 different binning options.  While many of our customers prefer us to pick to waffle or gel packs, we also pick to grip rings or frames for shipment to customers.

SawStreet has both automatic and semi-automatic die picking capability and the ability to handle die as thin as 2 mils (50um) thick.  Circuits can be extremely fragile so proper tool setup is critical to the success of any die sorting (die picking) process. Many of the die we process have air bridges and SawStreet has many years of experience in handling these type of die.PickAndPlace Programming

During setup, the technician reviews the customer's requirements and matches the tool setup with the device requirements. During the picking process, the machine is stopped at periodic intervals to inspect a required amount of die under a microscope to ensure all requirements are being met.

SawStreet maintains and inventory on certain waffle packs or gel-paks. Customers can either send us their gel-paks or waffle packs to use or choose from the waffle packs or gel-paks we keep in stock. If you choose to send us your waffle pack or gel-paks we provide online capability for you to always track your inventory that we are stocking for you.

We keep the following gel-paks in stock at this time.

  • VR-16CC-02-X4
  • VR-33CC-02-X4
  • VR-76CC-02-X4
  • VR-103CC-02-XL

For information on what waffle packs we stock, please contact SawStreet sales.